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Eyelash Enhancement, Grow Your OWN Long Thick Eyelashes!

You have probably heard about Latisse, the eyelash grower that is FDA Approved. How does it work as an eyelash lengthener?

Latisse is a prescription medication often prescribed for the treatment of hypotrichosis, also known as inadequate or sparse eyelashes. When used properly Latisse can help promote the growth of thicker, darker, and longer eyelashes. The bimatoprost ophthalmic solution (0.03%) is the active ingredient in Latisse, which helps lengthen what is known as the anagen or "growth" phase of the eyelash hair cycle, as well as increase the number actual lashes produced during the anagen phase. Latisse is the first and only prescription treatment approved by the FDA for treating hypotrichosis.

In the beginning, Latisse came from a glaucoma drug in eye drop form called bimatoprost (brand name Lumigan, manufacturer Allergan, Inc.), in use since FDA approval in 2001. During that period, eye doctors and their glaucoma patients noticed the hair growth side effect, with longer, lusher eyelashes appearing over time.

According to studies, Latisse lengthens, thickens and darkens eyelashes via a process that isn't fully understood. Like the hair on your head, eyelashes sprout, grow for a while and eventually fall out. Latisse both extends the growth phase and increases the number of hairs that sprout.

How Latisse is Used:
Latisse is a topical solution that should be applied for several months nightly to the upper eyelid using a disposable applicator. If regular use is discontinued, the effects will wear off, so Latisse must be applied as prescribed on a continuing basis.

Before applying Latisse, it is important to:

  • Remove contact lenses
  • Remove all makeup
  • Thoroughly wash face and hands

The Latisse solution is placed on the tip of the applicator, and then drawn along the top eyelids. It should only be applied to the upper eyelid at night, as it is best that the area containing the eyelash follicles, absorb the solution be during sleep.

Now celebrities such as Jenny McCarthy and Mandy Moore are reportedly using Latisse, whose advertising spokesperson is Brooke Shields.

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You apply Latisse by dabbing it on the upper lash line each night with the sterile applicators supplied with the drops in the box. The drop spreads to your lower lash line automatically as you blink. According to the manufacturer, you should never apply it in your eye or onto your lower lid. Before you apply, your face must be clean and your makeup and contact lenses removed.

Always throw away each applicator after one use. Re-using applicators may cause serious problems, such as an eye infection or allergic reaction. Apply it carefully, since Latisse can cause hair growth on other skin areas.

After about 3- 4 weeks, you will begin to see results. After three months, your doctor may recommend a treatment schedule of every two days. If you stop using Latisse, your eyelashes will gradually return to their former state.

These are the results most people see:

  • Eyelash length increased by 25 percent.
  • Thickness and fullness increased by 106 percent.
  • Eyelash darkness increased by 18 percent.

According to clinical studies, Latisse eyelash lengthener is safe for most people. However, you may not be a candidate for it if you have certain eye problems (such as uveitis and conjunctivitis), risk for macular edema, severe allergies or skin infections of the upper eyelids. Pregnant women shouldn't use it, and nursing women should wait. Most people have no problems if Latisse accidentally got into their eyes.

How to Receive Latisse When You Win..
Currently Latisse is only available by prescription from a doctor as it is a drug rather than a cosmetic product. We will send you to the a participating practice to receive your free medical evaluation and first month supply of latisse.

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